Back in the day, I would google “python project ideas for beginners”, “python project ideas for intermediate”, and “python project ideas for advanced”. But all of the results had the same projects. So today, I present you the list of Python Projects which are really unique and fun to do. Maybe comment below if you want a post on that project.

1. A Simple Terminal Emulator

You can make a small and simple terminal emulator. You can have a look at this simple one I built for personal use here. To make it a bit more challenging add a config file for customization.

2. A Simple File Encryptor/Decryptor

There are definitely a lot of libraries to do this already but why not try to build one from scratch. Maybe just start with a simple substitution algorithm or use the base64 or base32 or etc. modules. Who said you have to start from the hardest.

3. A GitHub Notifier

Make a GitHub Notifier which maybe sends a desktop notification whenever a new pull request is opened or issue is created or a star is added, etc. Use the GitHub API to do that.

4. Make A Social Media Platform

Try to make your own Social Media Platform. You could use something like Flask to get started quickly. And maybe Bootstrap for a easy Front-End.

5. Your Own API

Try and make your own API you could use Django or Flask for the back-end. There are several libraries to help you get started quickly. Maybe make an API to get fake names, a mock YouTube kind of API, or whatever you wish.

6. Simple ChatBot

Try to make a chatbot without AI. One that just replies to certain hardcoded questions and then grow from there. Maybe, then implement a AI.

7. A GUI File Explorer

Why not try this. Run cd and dir commands using subprocess. Get the output. And Show that in a GUI window maybe. There probably are more ways to do this.

8. PyInstaller GUI

Love converting .py to .exe using PyInstaller. Then, why not make easy to use GUI for that? Maybe have a look at this for some inspiration – auto-py-to-exe.

9. GUI Password Generator or Validator

You probably have made password generator or validator already. But ever thought about making them together in a GUI version? Now you have got the chance. You can use any GUI library like PyQt5, Kivy or even the built-in Tkinter.

10. Your OWN URI or Protocol

I already have a Series on this, you could follow that or try making your own from scratch. These are really fun to make and the result is great once complete.

11. Make A Discord Bot using

There are several tutorials out there to watch and follow. Nothing more to say in this part.

12. Your Own cat for Windows

This one is really cool. You know Linux and macOS have a cat command right? So why not try to make that same thing for Windows(this is gonna hype the windows users). And now that I got the idea I am going to try to make one myself.

Wrapping Up

Well, that’s the end for today. See you in my next post, also if you have any more ideas make sure to drop them in the comments.

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