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Getting Started with TypeScript

Introduction Hello there, today we are going to talk about switching from JavaScript to TypeScript! So get ready to resolve all your doubts you are having with TypeScript! Why TypeScript? I am assuming that you are totally unaware of TypeScript. … Read More

The Term “Accessibility” in React

Accessibility is the ability for applications to be used by everyone, including those with disabilities As a devloper its your responsibility to make sure that everyone get the right experience in your app. For making your react app Accessible you … Read More

How to Make Responsive Websites

What is the first thing you think of when someone says responsive websites? What comes rushing to your mind when you think of the most important piece of code related to responsive websites? CSS? relative units (%)? Media queries? Well, … Read More

Typescript with React

Typescript is the next big thing in the Front End Development domain and if you are looking to upgrade your skills from a junior to an intermediate frontend developer, then it is a must have skill.Typescript is a superscript of javascript, so if … Read More

10 npm Commands That You Should Know

NPM stands for Node Package Manager and it is the package manager for the Node JavaScript platform. It put modules in place so that node can find them, and manages dependency conflicts intelligently. Most commonly, it is used to publish, discover, install, and … Read More

How to Create A Blockchain Using Nodejs

When we’re trying to learn something new, it can oftentimes be tempting to dive headfirst into documentation, articles, and conceptual explanations. While all of that is certainly important, programmers have a great tool in their arsenal for understanding complex topics … Read More

Conditional Rendering with React

Do you write conditionals correctly within your React applications? Good conditionals are an essential part of any React application. We use conditionals to show or hide elements or components in our applications. In short – to be an effective React … Read More

4 Methods to Center Align Items in CSS

Center aligning items has being a much-discussed topic in CSS. Beginners and sometimes professionals often find themselves googling this topic when they get stuck while trying to center align texts or elements in CSS. From my experience, center aligning has … Read More

20 JavaScript Clues to Increase your Speed

Convenient and useful techniques to reduce the lines of code In our daily tasks, we get to write functions such as sorting, searching, finding unique values, passing parameters, swapping values etc, so here I present my list of shorthand techniques … Read More

Implementing Multiple Loading Spinners Made with Pure CSS and HTML

Auther : Fadi Nouh URL : Repository:

Cheat Sheet for using React

I decided to do this memory aid and given that my memory is not that good I thought why not make a monstrous memory aid with all the concepts I know about React. So I can read it from time … Read More

Using Javascript Console

Every JavaScript developer has used `console.log(“message”)` . It provides a simple debugging console that is similar to the JavaScript console mechanism provided by web browsers. In this article we will talk about most of the console methods which everyone should … Read More

React Hooks Summary

Hello React engineers! In this article, I’ll explain the 4 most important hooks you need to know in React. Don’t worry, I’ll not write a long essay and bore you. If you love simplistic articles that get straight to the … Read More

Top Python Libraries for Data Science

Python is a high-level programming language that is interpreted, interactive, portable, and object-oriented. This free and open-source general-purpose language is compatible with a wide variety of Unix variants, including Linux and macOS, and Windows. Python is used in hacking, computer … Read More

React 18 is released , What’s New?

React 18 Alpha is released. They kept us in Suspense long enough, but HECK React developers have some new features to play with!The best part: Almost all of the benefits of the upgrade don’t require major code changes. The New … Read More

Cheatsheet for Using JSON in JavaScript

In this article, I’ll do some common operations while working with JSON data in JavaScript. Let’s say we have a JSON file with the following data. I have truncated the data but it’s basically a list of objects with a … Read More

Everything About Node.js

Node.js is one of the most popular technologies nowadays to build scalable and efficent REST API’s. It is also used to build hybrid mobile applications, desktop applications and even Internet of Things. This posts tries to be an ultime guide to … Read More

The Diffrence between Framework and Library

While the terms Library and Framework may sound similar, they both work differently. Many people use these two words interchangeably without knowing the profound meaning behind them. Before we dig into the key differences between Library and Framework, let’s look … Read More

Next.js for Beginners

Next.js is a React metaframework, which means that it’s a framework built on top of React that enforces more structure and gives you additional capabilities: like server-side rendering, routing, bundling, and more. In this post, we’ll go through how to … Read More

5 Projects to Improve Your Front-End Development Skills

Hello, Frontend development is continuously evolving with new technologies and frameworks. It is always said that the best way to master a new framework is by building something in it while learning. Though we all know this, the question which … Read More

How to Secure NodeJS Applications

The one thing that developers tend to considers at the end of the development cycle is the “security” of the application. A secure application is not a luxury, it’s a necessity. You should consider the security of your application at … Read More

React for Beginners

Welcome to the React for Beginners guide. It’s designed to teach you all the core React concepts that you need to know to start building React applications in 2021. I created this resource to give you the most complete and … Read More

Best 10 Websites for Developers

Here is our list of websites every developer should know: 1. tuts+ ( visit website) tuts+ features tutorials on just about anything related to coding. They have tutorials for anything, a bug, a language tutorial or simply anything you ever need. 2. … Read More

Dynamic components in Angular

If you’ve been programming with AngularJS (first generation of the framework) you probably got used to generating HTML strings on the fly, running them through $compile service and linking to a data model (scope) to get two-way data binding. In AngularJS a … Read More

Nice Python Project Ideas

Introduction Back in the day, I would google “python project ideas for beginners”, “python project ideas for intermediate”, and “python project ideas for advanced”. But all of the results had the same projects. So today, I present you the list … Read More

How to make NodeJS Web API Secure

If you are a back-end or a full-stack (web) developer, you probably heard terms such as: DOS Attacks, XSS, SQL/NoSQL Injection Attacks and similar. You might already know that these attacks are very harmful and you need to make your application (or … Read More

Best Visual Studio Extensions for Developers

Top Visual Studio Code extensions for you to learn.These extensions going to be tons of tips and tricks that are going to be extremely valuable for you. Let’s jump right into it.. Our number one goal here is to help … Read More

React + Firebase: Context-based Authentication Provider

This post showcases a quick and easy way to make a Firebase-authenticated user available throughout your React web app. We are using here plain React with Typescript, and no extra state management library like Redux involved. Firebase offers us to … Read More

How To Send Automated Messages via WhatsApp using Node.js ?

How you can use Node.js to send messages via WhatsApp with Twilio’s API ? First, here the things that you need: Node and npm installed Create an account with Twilio (it’s free to create) And finally, Twilio and dotenv library Once you … Read More

Apple Pay and Google Pay Use Stripe on Flutter

After lots of switching packages, configuring gradles, installing pods to make it work. I am finally happy to see google putting an end to this battle with the introduction of pay library. As the name is, its really simple and … Read More