How to Make Responsive Websites

What is the first thing you think of when someone says responsive websites? What comes rushing to your mind when you think of the most important piece of code related to responsive websites? CSS? relative units (%)? Media queries? Well, … Read More

4 Methods to Center Align Items in CSS

Center aligning items has being a much-discussed topic in CSS. Beginners and sometimes professionals often find themselves googling this topic when they get stuck while trying to center align texts or elements in CSS. From my experience, center aligning has … Read More

Implementing Multiple Loading Spinners Made with Pure CSS and HTML

Auther : Fadi Nouh URL : https://bluebits.dev Repository: https://github.com/bluebits-academy/loading-spinners

Creating Language Switcher (Dropdown) HTML + CSS with Flexbox

Learn how to build a Language Switcher Dropdown using only HTML and CSS Flexbox and improve your website with it. Great learning experience and improvement of your work with added functionality.

How can i check if the browser supports a CSS property

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Header Text Image Replacement

So you know that search engines like Google, Yahoo, and MSN are primarily looking at the text content of your pages to index them and determine their relevancy to searches. You also know that using header tags like <h1> in your HTML is important … Read More

Reset all Margins & Padding

This has become a very popular technique lately, and for good reason. It removes all default margin and padding for every object on the page, no holds barred, regardless of browser. This provides a nice clean slate for design and … Read More

Validate your CSS through W3C

Just like you can validate your HTML at the W3C, you can validate your CSS.