The Term “Accessibility” in React

Accessibility is the ability for applications to be used by everyone, including those with disabilities As a devloper its your responsibility to make sure that everyone get the right experience in your app. For making your react app Accessible you … Read More

Typescript with React

Typescript is the next big thing in the Front End Development domain and if you are looking to upgrade your skills from a junior to an intermediate frontend developer, then it is a must have skill.Typescript is a superscript of javascript, so if … Read More

Conditional Rendering with React

Do you write conditionals correctly within your React applications? Good conditionals are an essential part of any React application. We use conditionals to show or hide elements or components in our applications. In short – to be an effective React … Read More

Cheat Sheet for using React

I decided to do this memory aid and given that my memory is not that good I thought why not make a monstrous memory aid with all the concepts I know about React. So I can read it from time … Read More

React Hooks Summary

Hello React engineers! In this article, I’ll explain the 4 most important hooks you need to know in React. Don’t worry, I’ll not write a long essay and bore you. If you love simplistic articles that get straight to the … Read More

React 18 is released , What’s New?

React 18 Alpha is released. They kept us in Suspense long enough, but HECK React developers have some new features to play with!The best part: Almost all of the benefits of the upgrade don’t require major code changes. The New … Read More

Next.js for Beginners

Next.js is a React metaframework, which means that it’s a framework built on top of React that enforces more structure and gives you additional capabilities: like server-side rendering, routing, bundling, and more. In this post, we’ll go through how to … Read More

React for Beginners

Welcome to the React for Beginners guide. It’s designed to teach you all the core React concepts that you need to know to start building React applications in 2021. I created this resource to give you the most complete and … Read More

Best React UI Libraries to boost User Experience

1- Material-UI Quickly build beautiful React apps. Material-UI is a simple and customizable component library to build faster, beautiful, and more accessible React applications. Follow your own design system, or start with Material Design. Material UI 2- Chakra UI Chakra UI is a … Read More

react native application

MERN Stack E-Commerce Mobile App with React Native

Build E-Shop Mobile App with Admin Panel and Authentication using React Native, Expo, Redux, Context API and much more GET IT HERE! Building cross-platform mobile apps has become less time consuming and more effective with one of the most popular … Read More

nx monorepo

What is NX Monorepo?

Nx is a smart and extensible build framework to help you architect, test, and build at any scale — integrating seamlessly with modern technologies and libraries while providing a distributed graph-based task execution, a robust CLI, computation caching, dependency management, and … Read More

React + Firebase: Context-based Authentication Provider

This post showcases a quick and easy way to make a Firebase-authenticated user available throughout your React web app. We are using here plain React with Typescript, and no extra state management library like Redux involved. Firebase offers us to … Read More